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New Audio-Reactive Thing

Inspired by the famous 3D waveform display of the 80’s Fairlight CMI sampler.
Requires Kineme Audio Tools and GL Tools plugins.

I must start using the Queue patch more! This one uses a Queue to create the movement of the waves. Each frame, coordinates for a new waveform line are created by a JavaScript patch, as a series of X, Y and Z points, with their Z-positions modulated by data from the Audio Tools Waveform output structure.

This array of points then goes into a Queue.

Each line is created by a single iteration of the Iterator patch, and each iteration picks a different item out of the Queue- so iteration 0 picks the data from the first Queue slot (ie the most recent), the second iteration gets data from the second slot, and so on.

The points data for each line is then fed into a Kineme GL Line Structure patch, which joins the points to form a line.

Then, it’s just a matter of spreading the lines out along the Y axis. This was done with a 3D Transformation patch inside the Iterator, to save having to mess around with JavaScript to change the Y-position of each point individually.

I stuck the whole thing inside another 3D Transformation patch, to rotate it and make the lines appear to recede into the distance. I also added an Interpolator patch, driven by Iterator Position and linked to the Alpha of each line, to make them fade out as they got further away, for a kind of fog effect.

Because the data in the Queue is continually being pushed along to the next slot by new incoming data, you get the effect of the waveform moving, as the waveform ‘jumps’ from one line to the next.

The only slight annoyance is that the speed of movement is entirely down to the frame-rate the QTZ is running at. I may investigate artificially slowing down the framerate (as psonice has mentioned doing with some of his demos) to make it more consistent. I could also sync the update rate to VDMX’s tempo, which would make it more jerky, but if it’s tempo-synced, you probably won’t notice.

‘tb Fairlight Waveform 1.01.qtz’ in the download widget.


soundFlower Update

I realised I hadn’t spent enough time optimising the controls of my tb soundFlower qcClip, so I’m uploading an updated version. Same effect, but the control ranges make a bit more sense, and the audio-response is a bit better.

Also, I didn’t mention in my previous post that you need the excellent Kineme Audio Tools plugin to run this QTZ.

New version in the widget ‘tb soundFlower 1.01.qtz’


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